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DW The Sherlock brothers built a dairy on this site in the early 1900s. Barney Bradford took it over after he returned from the First World War and it became known Bradford’s Pines Dairy.
Barney put a public notice in The Peninsula Post: KW Having purchased the milk round lately conducted by J. Sherlock, I respectfully solicit a continuance of the patronage accorded him and will as usual supply only the best of milk and cream. E.G. Bradford.
Local historian Val Wilson takes up the story . .
VW Barney kept his cows behind the dairy in the paddock which stretched up along Empire Street, which was only a dirt track in the early days. This was the location of the town’s first football field and the travelling circus would set up here in summer.
Barney renovated the building in the 1930s and ran the business until the 1950s. It’s one of a number of art deco buildings in Mornington. You can see the art deco tiles and ceiling decorations and if you view the building from across the street, you can still see the art deco parapet details The original brickwork can be seen from inside the building and at the rear. There is the hallmark red clay of Mornington in evidence again which you may have seen in The Grand Hotel.
Barney followed in his father’s footsteps as a councillor and even found time from milking his cows to serve as Shire President!
DW If you continue down the street towards the Bay, you will see an ornate fountain in Empire Mall. This was moved here from outside the entrance to Mornington Park but may soon be returning to the park. The fountain was presented to the township of Mornington in 1924 by Jane Balcombe-Murphy in memory of her father, Alexander Balcombe of The Briars. Balcombe was a strong advocate for Mornington when he represented the area in the Victorian Parliament. He made sure land was set aside for public use, and Mornington Park is perhaps the most visible legacy of his foresight.

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